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PVA USAV Tournaments
Frequently Asked Questions


Inclement Weather Policy:


1. Families/Individuals should make their own decisions regarding driving conditions in their area, and who will be driving. If you feel the driving conditions are unsafe for the team driving to the tournament facility, please notify the tournament director –


2. In the RARE case we decide to cancel a tournament, we will communicate cancellations as follows:

a) Cancellation notice will be emailed to you from the Tournament Director.  Decisions are made as early as possible but no later than by 5:30 AM for USAV Tournaments that start at 8:00 AM or later!


3. If the tournament is cancelled each team will be refunded their tournament entry fee.  If a team chooses not to attend there will be no refunds issued. 


 Will there be seating available?

No...most days there will be 2 courts going in each of our gyms. This allows room only for lawn chairs, so remember to pack them!

 Can I bring in my own food? are more than welcome to bring in your own cooler as long as it stays in the lobby area. PLEASE do not put coolers in the gyms. There will also be a concession stand open with drinks and snacks available.

 What kind of prizes are given?

Each tournament the 1st and 2nd teams are awarded prizes at the end of the day. Past prizes include: Panther Classic tshirts, towels, Mizuno waterbottles, and minature volleyballs. You want to make it to the Championship Match!!